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Conventional Fire Alarm

Fire protection has become a legal requirement in an increasingly high number of applications. The request for complete security in offices and shops is also on the rise. Urmet has created a range of Conventional Fire Alarm and products for all needs: banks, shops, large tertiary businesses will find the most suitable solution in this cataloge. We offer Conventional Fire Alarm. The urmet portfolio is complete and even richer in technology and design.

Innovation and attention to style underlie the development of the new systems, all certified according to the most rigid European standards. In addition to the fire range, you can rely on a complete range of gas detectors with actuators and accessories, such as the new one- and two-sided optical-acoustic warning signs. Conventional systems for small and medium sized systems solution for completing the offering.



  • Application Areas: Banks, Shops, Large Tertiary Businesses
  • Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz
  • Alarm Current: 15~60mA
  • Indicator: LED
  • Produces Signal: Red Light in Alarm-State


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