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Sliding Glass Door Mechanism

We offers a wide range of automatic solution for sliding doors. Sliding Glass Door Mechanism is designed to provide top reliability in wide range of application in offices, shop and supermarkets. All automatic and frames components are housed inside compact, attractively designed extruded aluminum profiles. Units are easy to install and do not require specialist skills or masonry work. The automation units are equipped with intelligent electronic control system. Smart electronic control units reduce the need for adjustment, installation, set-up and maintenance times. It is also your guarantee to total safety. Our system are equipped with the very latest obstacle system designed to ensure total safety.


  • Type: Automatic Door Operators
  • Opening ┬áSpeed: 150-450mm/s (adjustable)
  • Closing ┬áSpeed: 100-430mm/s (adjustable)
  • Extruded: Aluminum Profiles


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