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Kits and Analog Systems

We offers quality range products of Kits and Analog Systems. The new imago hands-free monitor was created for a market constantly demanding more compact, higher technology products made with top quality materials. The hands-free video door phone has these features and more. With a clean, minimalist “ipod”-effect design, you can manage all the traditional functions of a video door phone system (calls, audio, door opening) and other supplementary functions, such as: differentiated floor calls, open door indication, opening a second gate or alternatively switching on the staircase lights.

Imago has a central unit and series of brackets. The central unit includes a 4” colour osd (on-screen display), for excellent vision from all angles and a set of control buttons. The brackets can be used to fix the central unit to the wall and adapt it to the various urmet domus installations.


  • Red/green led back lift door opening button. Red indicates that the gate is open. The button turns green after receiving a call to make it easier to locate the door opening button in the dark
  • Buttons for auxiliary functions: A second gate opening, stair-case lights, video auto-on function
  • Orange/green led back lift “audio” button. Orange means “audio on”; the button turns green after receiving a call to make it easier to locate the “audio” button in the dark
  • Adjustable call volume (three settings: loud-soft-mute): in “mute” position, the device does not ring and a mechanical red indicator appears
  • Adjustable contrast, colour and brightness using osd (on-screen display) controls. The hands-free monitor brackets make it possible to install the video door phone in the most common urmet


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