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Residential Intercom System

We offer world class Residential Intercom and security Systems. It is not just the basic Intercom System that allows users to simply chat with neighbors. It can be set up in buildings, offices, institutions, etc.It is enough if you simply give battery supply to the intercoms and the installation is done.We are the best dealers in residential security systems in pune.


  • Recording Type:Digital Voice
  • Additional Features: Voice Mail With Grouping, Blank Call Tracking, Six Senses System
  • Flexible Numbering Plan
  • Ga Leakage, Illegal Entry, Wire Tempering Alert
  • Project Progress Meeting Organiser
  • Vendor’s Call For Doubtful Visitors
  • Flat Lock, Morning Greeting Message
  • Emergency Rings To All Flats By Guard
  • Single Digit Access To Security/Lift/Office


telesoft- for residential intercom system



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