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Voice Mail Logger

We are the distributor of Voice Mail Logger. Track all incoming and outgoing calls, store details of all conversations to enhance customer loyalty and retention through efficient call handling and processing. Switch to vlogex – a powerful management and marketing tool, helps in maximizing revenues through enhanced voice and data management by accurate capturing of required information and delivers to you in timely and easy-to-use manner. Offers enhanced security by capturing every call always and safeguarding valuable information, through an advanced and effective technology. The product allows easy sharing of files/reports via e-mail, lan and web. The product enables quality monitoring by recording call information such as caller id, every key stroke , date/ call/ duration, start and end time of all calls (in-bound and outbound), always.



  • Track: All Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Data speed : 16 Kbps, 32Kbps, 64kbps/1s
  • Voice file: WAV
  • Approprite Situation: Trunk Line, Extension Line, Group Phone
  • Harddisk: 80G above


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