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Portable X Ray Baggage Scanner

The system consists of a remote laptop, x ray source and a capture screen. The system is designed for both field use and NDT laboratory integration, offering outstanding X ray image quality down to the smallest detail.

The Portable NDT x ray system is lightweight, easily configurable for different environments and is set up in minutes by one person. It comes with a choice of x ray sources and has both wired and wireless capabilities. The system can be ruggedized for applications where it will be exposed to harsh conditions.

The object is placed between the screen on one side and the x-ray source on the other. KrystalScan software controls the x-ray source and captures the resultant image. Captured images can then be enhanced using KrystalScan application for further analysis. Any object kept between the image screen and the x-ray source can be examined immediately. The setup can be used to capture images from various angles for better understanding of the object.


  • Set up within minutes
  • Can be set up on existing client laptop/desktop
  • Wired or wireless connection option
  • Real time image capture and analysis

Image Screen Sizes:

  • Small 8”x10”
  • Medium 11”x15”
  • Large 13”x17”


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