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Voice Mail System

Introducing Voice Gate Tele MAIL, where traditional communications systems work only with Voice mail facility, which is not sufficient enough to meet communication demands. Voice Mail System give much more than you expect.Voice Gate has been delivering robust voice mail communication solution over a decade. Now Voice Gate offer a platform built up a advance Unified Messaging taking Voice mail, Fax mail, SMS and e-mail, stored in one system and can be delivered directly into user’s inbox. Open architecture allows file played the voice files simplifying user’s experience.

Today, Unified Messaging solutions are increasingly accepted in the corporate environment. combining multiple IT and communication capability, enabling efficient approach to communicating that changes the way you do business. The aim of deploying Unified Messaging solutions generally is to enhance and improve business productivity while decreasing communication issues.

Voice Gate TeleMail component can be added later in order to keep your initial investment low, That can be purchase as a separate component based on requirement.



  • Open Architecture allows you to expand the system as you grow
  • PC based design
  • Advance unified communication system
  • Sophisticated MIS report enabling management to know the system traffic
  • Integrate with almost every telephone system in India & globe
  • Property management interface for hospitality industry
  • Unlimited mail box capability ( standard 250 ) & storage
  • Multiple companies greeting allows you share the infrastructure between various set-up


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